Nicole Becker

SOWA is a safe place for Nicole. It has become a social environment where she has friends, peers, and teammates. When she was 5 years old her Mom began coaching athletes along with Nicole’s sister, so she attended practices just like her sister did. In 2009 Nicole began coaching her own teams and started a unified program within Whidbey Island Special Olympics. In 2012 she took her first basketball team to Winter Games and remembers the smiles the athletes had on their faces as they all walked around Wenatchee and the midnight ice cream run they made on the Friday night before the games began. Nicole became their biggest fan and their number one supporter, just as they were of hers. Nicole chooses to coach for SOWA because of family, community and because in the darkest time of her life when her sister passed away, Whidbey Island Special Olympics stepped up and supported her family. “To me, SOWA means family.”

Sport Participating in:

  • Athletics

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